This year, the Men's Glee Club at Ohio State continues to take groundbreaking steps towards an exciting new era. This summer we revived the Alumni Concert where members of the Glee Club, old and new, demonstrated our long standing tradition of musical excellence and brotherhood. We unveiled a brand new crest among our friends and alumni during a celebration of our history. We will perform Beethoven's Mass with the OSU School of Music. We will join the University Glee Club of New York City on stage at Lincoln Center for a warm and entertaining evening of great music drawn from the best of the men's choral tradition. What shall come of OSUMGC this year? You decide! Whether a music major or not (most of us fit in the not category), we want you to audition!


The Audition Process

Auditions for Spring 2016 are currently closed; please check in with us over the summer regarding auditions for Autumn 2016 Contact Dr. Ward at for details.

What to Expect

Those auditioning for the Glee Club should be prepared to perform the following:

  • Scales and short melodies - to test range and demonstrate voice quality
  • Sing an unaccompanied melody - a patriot tune or hymn tune (words provided)
  • Melodic retention exercise - sing back short melodic patterns
  • Rhythmic exercise - clap or sing rhythmic patterns in common meters
  • Sight reading - both rhythms and pitches
  • Voice Majors will also need to sing a prepared solo, pianist is provided

Men's Glee Club meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 4:10 PM - 5:05 PM, with many extra required activities through the year. To add Men's Glee Club as a course in your schedule, search for MUSIC 2203.04 using Student Center ( The course may be added without auditioning, but admission to the group still relies on your sucessful audition. MUSIC 2203.04 is also a variable credit course, which allows the course to be added for a variable number of credit hours (0.5-2.0). Please direct any questions about variable credit to your counselor.

The Ohio State University Men's Glee Club is a diverse organization, and consists of mostly non-music majors. Each year we invite anyone who wishes to audition to come and try out for the oldest organization on campus.

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The OSU choral program is comprised of six choirs; all choirs are open to both music majors and non-music majors. Placement in a choir is by audition only.